Our Block Party program is a weekly event and is designed to bring that which is needed to those in need. We bring food, clothing, vitamins and a variety of other goods to veterans, the homeless and at risk youth throughout the city. The program isn't just about donating goods but also donating our time to treat these individuals as humans, deserving of our time, our hearts and some good conversation over a cup of 'joe'.
Feed the belly and feed the soul...

Our Block Parties are held at Civic Center Park in Denver every Saturday morning from 8am-noon along the south side of the park under the columns.

We're currently raising funds with online crowdfunding to build a mobile donation center to be able assist a larger number of people each week, especially those who are unable to come to us. Let us know how you'd like to help!

Donate here to help us build our mobile donation center.



This is a video and photo series designed to create raw, authentic imagery to share on various social media platforms.

The work is designed to connect people with those who they normally wouldn't find themselves engaging with in hopes of breaking down social barriers and walls we have developed over time.

Our hope is that once hearts and minds are open, we may find ourselves more inclined to be compassionate towards one another.

Check out our YouTube channel:

Also, let us know if you have a story to share and we would be happy to hear it!

Hug 'O War

There are often times when we don't get along as well as we'd like with other individuals or groups in our day to day lives. We believe that all people, at their cores, are good hearted and we would like to help in building positive connections within our communities.

Our idea is to build bonds with lighthearted and fun games of Tug 'O War and then follow the matches by 'hugging it out'.

The idea is to have a fun and positive competition followed by a moment of real, human connection. Both sides in any circumstance deserve the chance to be seen and understood.

We're also hoping to create a version of this program for schools, helping to create stronger and more supportive relationships between students and between students and staff together.